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A Riveting Situation


Do you have a half of a pair of earrings? Don't know what to do with them? This is your class! Learn to rivet metal on to metal, etch patterns on metal, hammer & more! 


A great class to introduce you to playing with metal & tools. Designs are unlimited with the what you learn in this class. Then just due your own thing with metal in this class. Bring old earrings if you'd like to incorporate them in your design!

Techniques learned  will be ,learning to use texturing hammers, punch. riveting, filing & more!


Class $30 kit $40


Kit includes: riveting hammer,  rivets, copper metal, charms,  ruler ,& use of teachers tools. 


This class is for 13 & older.


Phyllis Martin-Rennie

Level: Beginner
Class Type: Metal
Class Price: $35 + $40 Kit
Class Time(s): 
Saturday, September 11, 10:30am-4:00pm


Sign up for classes by calling (408) 293-2232

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